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April 1, 2023

S5 E10: Food Infection and Food Intoxication: The Season Finale

So we're finally done with Season 5! 

This final episode is a bit more casual than my normal episodes, but it's a good way to end the season. It's packed with great information on avoiding foodborne illness in every situation I could think of. 

Often, the term food poisoning is used for both foodborne illnesses and foodborne intoxication. Today, I’m going to explain the difference between the two and talk about the burden that these illnesses have on societies, especially in the developing world.

About 6.5 million in the US experience the effects of a foodborne pathogen at least once a year, but most of them go unreported since people think they just have the “stomach flu”. Newsflash, that was no flu, that was a foodborne pathogen.

This is the final episode in Season 5, Restaurant Rogues, but don’t worry, I’ll be talking about more foodborne pathogens as time goes on. There are a LOT of them.

Go check out this week’s episode to find out more about these illnesses and a few more.

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Don’t forget that the next episode will be my Podversary episode, and I’ll be talking about what I call the Great Dilemma. The questions that I ask myself before I begin researching every episode that I put out.

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

It’s my hope that this episode will spark some discussion in the Facebook groups and on Twitter! Talk to me, folks! I’d love to hear from you!

That episode will kick off Season 6, all about the diseases of wildlife. It’s called Who’s Who Outside of the Zoo. I’m so looking forward to that season!

I’m going to be doing a special 100 Seconds to Midnight episode in Season 7. I’d like those of you who had experiences growing up during the Cold War to talk about those experiences.

If you’d like to be a guest on the show, I can arrange that. If you’d rather just write your stories and send them in, that’s fine, too. I can read them.

These stories are important, and they need to be heard. Please participate if you can.

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