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Let Me Count the Ways I Could Die!

I often use mg powers of anxiety to dream up ways I could die, but Jackie has me beat! This show is so great if you’re an over-thinker because it breaks down possible ways people can die from zombie apocalypse to the measles, but also how to protect yourself. The best part, Jackie is actually a scientist, so its well researched and accurate!

10/10 recommended

Jackie does an amazing job at being educational but at the same time is remains entertaining. I honestly learn so much while listening to this podcast that I share with everyone after listening. One of the best podcast out there right now!

One of the best!

I love to learn new things and I love listening to podcasts. Now those two things can be combined! This is anything from the typical podcast, and that is what makes it so incredible. The host Jackie does an unbelievable job at putting things into terms that anybody can understand.

Expert science

Scientific history delivered by experts. Really important information in our modern crisis of pseudo-science.

Get Smart wasn't just a show in the 60-70's

Getting smart is exactly what will happen when you listen to Cause of Death podcast!

Extremely informative and interesting!

Cause of Death dives into disease in a way no other podcast does. The information provided isn’t your average fodder and really provides a deep perspective of what these diseases do to the human population.


Jackie is an expert and the way she’s made me think of things in a different perspective, teach me things I never knew, expand my knowledge on illnesses/diseases/viruses/crisis, and her calming voice—everything about her and her show blows me away!

Cause of Death

Absolutely fascinating!

Compelling and well done!

Great listen, highly recommend!


Careful, you might learn something if you listen! I feel abundantly more intelligent after listening to this show! Jackie Jean does an excellent job presenting the information as well as digging into the research. CJ Beyond the Rainbow -True Crimes of the LGBTQ plus podcast

Love this show

Jackie does such an amazing job breaking down the intricacies of epidemiology. Amazing research and even better content!