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April 13, 2023

S6 E1: 100 Seconds to Midnight: 2nd Podversary: The Great Dilemma

The Great Dilemma Show Notes:

This is my second podversary. I’ve been in your ears and, hopefully, in your head for two years now, and I thought it important that you know about the things that go into each subject I talk about, whether it be an infectious disease that has the potential to kill millions if unleashed upon the population or a global crisis that looms over us.

Every episode I struggle with questions. I research each topic carefully and I try to find solutions. This is something that I call the Great Dilemma. The questions, the answers and the solutions don’t come easy. I study them from several angles and sometimes, I don’t like the results.

It’s 90 seconds to midnight and the questions that sometimes have no answers or don’t lead to solutions keep me up at night.

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There wasn’t any research for this episode, but it does refer to prior episodes. If you haven’t gone back, this would be a good time to do that.

S1 E1: The Throwaway People: The Story of the AIDS Pandemic

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There are several episodes mentioned that haven’t come out yet, too, so be watching for those!

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